Zachary Blake


I’m from Washington state and I like to build things on the Internet. This is where I share my thoughts on topics I think are interesting or important.


24 Apr 2024


I’m building a Todo list app. How daring, I know. My reasoning behind it fairly straightforward, not unlike any other person building one of these things – I’m bored, and want to play with things that I’ve never used before. A Todo app is small enough in scope that I can build one in a reasonable amount of time, given the hours that I’m currently willing to allocate towards working on it, while also giving me opportunities to use and learn tech that I haven’t used before.

22 Apr 2024

Golang + Docker Integration Tests

I’m currently working on a project of mine and have gotten the codebase for my backend to a point that I want to start writing tests. I recently read an article called Why mocking is a bad idea and I agree with the author’s take. I’ve worked on a few projects in my career that make use of mocks, and it’s always felt like a bit of a gimmick to me.

20 Mar 2024


Hello World 👋🏻 Welcome to my new blog. I was hosting this website on Wordpress, however after not touching that for the majority of 2023, I decided it wasn’t worth spending money on. Now this site is powered by Hugo, and is hosted on Cloudflare Pages. Pretty snazzy. I plan on using this blog to post my thoughts, share progress/war stories from the things I’m building/built, and to also share what I know with others.